Hello World — 5 Reasons I Am Taking the Blogging Plunge

I am big ball of mixed emotions as I embark on this blogging journey. I am nervous and anxious, yet excited and optimistic. The thought of putting myself out there with this blog is scary and intimidating. But I’m gonna do it anyway. I’m gonna be brave, take the plunge and hit publish. Here’s why.

1. Accountability

I am looking to make some changes. And change, as you know, can be hard. Sometimes, we need some help to get us moving. This is a big reason I am deciding to blog.

I want to push myself to be better and do better. But at the end of the day (or week), when I’m just spent, the last thing I want to do is get off my butt and take action and cross things off my to do list.

And it’s so much easier (for me, at least) to let yourself down than someone else. Don’t you always somehow manage to make things happen when you know someone else was counting on you? A lot of things I’d like to do get placed on the back burner when I know it’s just me counting on it. Knowing that I’ll be sharing my stuff with you guys may be the oomph I need to hold myself more accountable with whatever l plan to do and/or change.

This also applies to our student loans. We are buried in some serious student loan debt. My husband and I constantly talk about strategies we need to implement so we can pay this off faster. However, it feels like we haven’t been able to make a dent. While we’re not defaulting with any of our loans — thank goodness — I know we can do better at digging ourselves out of this giant, infuriatingly hopeless hole.

By writing down our plans and sharing it (instead of just talking about it amongst ourselves) and referring back to it regularly, I think it will give us more motivation and focus to build momentum and keep us on track.

2. Self-Discovery, Mindfulness and Clarity

After having our first child a few years ago, our world was somewhat flipped upside down — or sideways, at the least. Rightfully so, our priorities changed. Between juggling work and all that’s required with raising a child, it seems like we are just getting the necessary things done to get us to the next day.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my direction. I feel as though I’ve just been coasting along, allowing the motions to move me, rather than deliberately steer the course myself. And it has slowly been eating at me. Earlier this year, Paul asked me what activities or hobbies I want to spend time on and I couldn’t give him an answer. How can I not know what I want to do!?

My husband has always journaled and tells me how it helps him with his goals and serves as a memory record keeper. I, on the other hand, have dabbled in it on and off in the past but was never consistent. Instead, I’ve been more of a checklist type of person and constantly planning what I needed to do to get to point B, C and D. And I’ve lost that in all the awesomeness and madness motherhood brings.

That said, I want to start writing again. Not just writing checklists of things I need to be doing. I want to start digging deeper and asking myself why I am doing the things I’m doing and whether I should even be doing them. I don’t intend for this blog to serve as my journal, but I think that in writing it, I can attain similar benefits and then some. The thought and reflection involved in writing can help me learn about myself more and gain a greater sense of clarity. This, ultimately, is a step closer for me to making  more mindful decisions and taking intentional actions.

3. Creative Outlet

We are caught having to do a lot of things that are not necessarily fun but have to get done. One of the things I would like to start doing is making sure I make time for fun. While blogging seems like it’ll be a lot of work, it is also fun and can be a creative outlet for me — I get to write, create, dabble in some photography and graphic design — and most of all I get to learn.

In addition, I really think that having this creative outlet will all the more help me achieve my goals listed above.

4. Help, Inspire and Encourage Others

In today’s demanding, always connected and overbooked world, a lot of us are stretched, trying to be everything to everyone and we each need as much encouragement and resources we can get. And I am hoping I can offer that, even if it’s simply letting others know they’re not alone. If I can help others find some order in our daily chaos, provide a different perspective to a situation, or brighten one’s day for whatever reason, writing this blog would be so fulfilling.

5. Face My Fears

As I mentioned earlier, writing this blog and putting myself out there terrifies me. I’m introverted, avoid confrontation whenever possible and at times hesitant to speak my mind, especially with those I am not close with, for fear of being judged, wrong, or thought my views bring no value. I believe that stepping outside my comfort zone will help me grow, be more confident and find my voice.

Bonus: Make Some Extra Income to Pay Off Our Student Loans Faster (Fingers Crossed)

I want to be honest with you from the get-go. As I mentioned above, we’ve got a heaping pile of student loans. And one of the best tactics to paying off debt quicker is by increasing your income. I know that blogging can be profitable and I’m hoping that I can eventually make some extra cash with this blog to enable us to pay down our student loans even faster. Everything little bit helps!

But please know that nothing I share will go against my values and the integrity of this blog simply for profit. Whatever I figure out to make this happen will remain true to what I believe in and value.

So … as I turn a year older, publish this first post and embark on my blogging journey, I am experiencing a swirl of emotions  from excitement and empowerment to anxiousness and self-doubt. I’ve been putting this off for the latter reasons, but I know I want to do it and just need to take the plunge. I hope you join me on my (and my family’s) journey, as we navigate our way through the daily ups and downs, the exciting and mundane, pull your hair out moments and “Today was a good day” celebrations — while always making it a point  to (or at least try to) find happiness wherever we are in our journey.

Disclaimer: I don’t have this all down and I’m not gonna pretend like I know everything — I’m a work in progress (I think I will always be 😃) and learning as I go. But I’ll share what I do know and have learned. And if you have any pointers, feel free to share them!


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